For most of you, this is going to be the first or second time you rent an apartment of your very own. Whether you rent from us or someone else, there are things you must know. We will try to help you with this process so you can make a more informed choice.

Before you even call a Landlord there are things you must take into account. What questions do I ask when calling a Landlord?

Obviously, the first question we get is "How much is rent?"

But, other questions are just as vital and may mean much more in the long run. Things that are vital that you must ask are: Since students have designed our buildings you can bet we have all the above plus more. One final point: It's so important to know your Landlord. We are graduates of UW Platteville and have lived in the area our entire lives. We are responsive to your needs and if you trust us by renting from us we will honor that trust.

Hope this helps and if you have more questions please call us, 608-723-6111.

Jim and Sheila Sherry